The Apparel Technical Design Association (The ATDA), founded in Los Angeles in 2011, and headquartered in Tampa, is the country’s first organization of its kind.

We created the association in 2011 to provide technical designers with a common place to share knowledge and skills with each another and with corporate partners and leaders.

In coming months, we hope to build a vibrant database of technical designers, a suite of professional development programs for professional technical designers, a suite of corporate consulting offerings for companies looking to create, improve or re-structure technical design organizations and, we hope, to share the beauty of this wonderful fashion industry profession with everyone.

In future years, we hope this association will grow to provide a place for the exchange of knowledge about technical design, but also a place that provides our members and partners with a way to maximize the impact of our profession.



Our association is just in the beginning stages, and we are all still learning, so please have patience as we grow. Our first focus is on making sure that we reach out to you -- practitioners in technical design – to begin to share collective wisdom with each other. Beyond our community, we can provide consulting services to individual technical designers who want to improve their skills, to corporations looking to hire technical designers and standardize the way they recruit, and to recruiters who want access to technical designers. We also can help provide workable solutions to companies managing workload in technical design departments, and seeking to maximize results. For recruiting firms and corporations seeking talent, we can offer technical design recruitment assistance, with a special, personalized assessment of technical skills and professional experience of candidates.



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