Technical designers working with fashion designers. / by Lana Grant

What relationship should TD have with fashion designers? Should we listen to what designer say regarding the fit of the garment, or should technical designer tell how the style should fit? This and many other questions come to mind when looking at how we work together with our fashion designers.

Here is our outlook on this topic. The technical designer should give the designer a chance to tell us what the garment intended fit is - and if the Proto sample reflects that. After we are sure that the sample is what the designer envisioned, then we can give our insights on the fit issues this garment has. Everyone has a chance to state their opinion during the fitting. By discussing the garment, we usually come up with a mutual agreement on the garment fit and overall look.

We have to listen to what the designer wants, not the other way around. What we mean is, a technical designer should not dictate what the garment should look like design wise and how it should fit. We are technical designers and don’t design, we make the design happen. Therefore, we should only focus on technical aspects of the garment fit, not the design.

If you have suggestions on the design idea of the sample, you can share this information with the designer, because it might affect the intended fit. For example, if a deep neckline drop will not hold the garment around the shoulders, we should suggest changes which can improve the fit.

Also, having a good relationship with the designers helps to achieve a better product quality. Do not push your design ideas -- usually designers don’t like that anyway. Sometimes, we have to do something that we know in advance will not work for this particular style. This happens when we cannot convince the designer to alter the design and we have to let the designer to try it and see for themselves.

Do not criticize designers, their job is not an easy one, and we should respect and help our designers. We need to work together and come up with the best solution for the style, which will ultimately turn our work into profit for the company.