ATDA Post-Seminar Update / by Lana Grant

Hello, our TD Community,

I would like to update you on our TD Seminar Series. Based on a full attendance every seminar, and many requests from other areas of the country like east and west coast, it is obvious there is a large interest for professional growth and improvement in the apparel technical design field.

We had participants from all levels and positions, starting from assistant to senior TD. The material of the curriculum was universally relevant, including subjects such as fundamentals of technical design as a profession on the first day, and on the second, we had a full day of actual fit correction techniques case studies and exercises.

The results and the post-seminar survey shows that there is a need to better educate and share the knowledge and experience among our pears, as well as a need for the ability to identify some common fit issues and then apply appropriate correction methodologies. In addition, the need for pattern making skills and techniques.

We, as a profession, should create standards across the apparel industry for sizing, grading, construction, and technical design processes to unify and provide a better apparel shopping experience for our consumer, ultimately leading to lesser product return rate and financial losses.

I want to thank all of the participants again for attending and we will work on continuing organizing this kind of educational workshop with different topics going forward.

If you are an experienced technical design professional who is willing to share your knowledge and expertise and would like to join us at ATDA in spreading this knowledge across the industry, please contact us at for any possible collaborations and ideas on how to make our technical design job better.

Thank you and happy fittings!